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The More MIDI Drum Bundle

The More MIDI Drum Bundle

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The More MIDI Drum Bundle is the perfect collection of drums to fuel your creative productions and songwriting. This bundle features all seven of our acclaimed releases including Odd Meter Drums V1, Funk & Soul Drums V2, Funk & Soul Drums V3Songwriter Drums V4Songwriter Drums V5Funk & Soul Drums V6Songwriter Drums V7, and Drums In Three V8 all at a 50% bundled discount!

About More MIDI
The More MIDI series features custom drum libraries that capture live drum performances, all configured to easily drag and drop into any DAW. More MIDI loops give you the flexibility of working at any tempo with the drum sound of your choice, while also providing a true "human" feel in your grooves.

Odd Meter Drums V1:

Funk & Soul Drums V2:

Funk & Soul Drums V3:

Songwriter Drums V4:

Songwriter Drums V5:

Funk & Soul Drums V6:

Songwriter Drums V7:

Drums In Three V8:

Works in all DAWs:

Product Specs:
MIDI Format: General MIDI
Number of Sessions: 42

- Instant Download
- 100% Royalty-Free
- General MIDI Drum Format (works with all DAWs)

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More MIDI. More Inspiration.

Have a question? Welcome To The FAQ Section:

How will I receive my order?

Immediately following checkout, you will receive an email containing your download link(s) & you will always have access to your files.

What do you mean by "works in all DAWs"?

For each release that you download, we provide everything into organized folders (by bpm and tempo) that allow you to quickly find the loops and samples that you're looking for. From there, simply just drag and drop the file into Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools, FL Studio and any other DAW that you might be using.

More MIDI loops are 100% Royalty-Free. What exactly does this mean?

This means that you can use any of the loops purchased from More MIDI in your own songs and you are free to sell the recording commercially without owing us any money. It’s that simple.